IPI was founded in 1997 out of the necessity for individualized, progressive parking management services. Large parking management companies lost the personal touch required to do what’s best for each unique operation, creating the demand for nimble companies like IPI that emphasized communication and customer service. One of IPI’s core tenets is that each operation needs a uniquely catered management approach to maximize customer service and performance potential. 


With large management companies, customers get lost in trying to navigate the management hierarchy, but with IPI’s flat organization, executive level management is just a phone call away. With us, building owners and their customers have direct, easy contact to the highest levels of our company. Our senior management team has over 75 years combined experience, meaning no matter the size, scope, or type of operation, we have the expertise required to deliver favorable results to property owners and their clientele. 


We’ve been forward-thinking and progressive in our approaches to management and customer service: as the world has modernized, we’ve adapted with it, utilizing cutting edge applications for the ease of customers and property owners.