Our approach to parking management is simple: we manage parking operations for the mutual benefit of property owners and their clientele with an emphasis on high quality customer service. IPI has a modern parking management solution to fit your needs. 


Office Buildings:

Office building parking management is the backbone of our customer base. We have the experience and proven track record of success you need in operating your office building’s parking facility. 


Medical Facilities:

Whether a large hospital campus or small medical clinic, IPI has the valuable experience you need in managing your medical facility. 


Mixed Use

Mixed use developments that integrate residential, commercial, and industrial services have unique parking operations that IPI has the experience to streamline and make efficient. 


Surface & Beach Lots:

Open air surface parking lots and seasonal beach operations require specific parking management experience you will find with IPI. 


Consulting Services:

Our management team has a track record of success, with the expertise to assist with your specific parking needs. We can help modernize and streamline your parking operation.